Sunday, October 21, 2012

The big why

First say to yourself what you would be; then do what you have to do. 

Yesterday's post was about the limited bookshelf space all of us have.  In order to decide how to fill your time, you have to always keep your eyes on the prize.

Once you've figured out what the prize is, of course.  Again, different for everyone.

This is at once easy and difficult for me.  Occasionally I have these clarifying perspective boosting moments where I can see clearly The Point of everything.  I can see why I'm on earth and what my Big Purpose is.  I can see that there are distractions that are not worth any of my time.  I can see that I need to devote more of my time to what is real and what is important.

And then I forget.

I get caught up in trivialities.  I worry about all the wrong things.  No wonder I sometimes feel dissatisfied or at loose ends.  

My challenge to all of us today is to Remember.  Remember those times when your goals in life were clear.  Think about ways to recapture and retain those feelings.

And hold that thought!

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Ruth said...

I just recently found your was listed with all the other 31 dayers on Nester. Thank you for all of your thought provoking posts this month, I look forward to them everyday.

Your words have helped me be a better person...I really appreciate the encouragement to be more authentic.


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