Wednesday, October 10, 2012


There is a time and place for rules.   Of all my parents more or less rule keeping children, I think I was the rule keeping-est.  Unlike certain unnamed sisters (both of them), I never got suspended from school.  I like rules.

What bugs me are decorating rules.

They should bug you too.

And be ignored.

Once I heard that it is a "rule" that you not have family photos in your living room.  That's ridiculous!  There is not a lot I have control over in my world but my house is one of the places where I do.  I want our house to reflect me and our family and our tastes because we are the ones that are here most of the time.

If I were to decorate my home based on some arbitrary rules made up by some arbitrary person I don't know, that seems very very silly.  

I googled "decorating rules" just to see what I came up with.  Among many (many) rules I read that there are really two types of sofas you should consider and that's all.  (Ha!)  I read that you should never pick paint colors just based on the paint chip.

(Or what will happen?)

I feel like I need a soap box to proclaim this truth to the world:

It is your house!  Do what you want!


Janet said...

OK. You HAVE to tell me about which sofas I should consider. I am in the market. :)

Olivia Cobian said...

I agree with all you said EXCEPT I seem to remember a rule-breaking freshman at BYU who had a contraband hammock in her dorm room...

Thelma said...

Maybe you're right Olivia. I just feel like that was a rule about decorating (my dorm room) and as you can see, those kinds of rules aren't valid.


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