Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A little trip down memory lane

Sunday night Braeden asked me for a story.  He loves a story more than anything.  He wanted to hear about before Adam and I were married.

I started telling him different anecdotes from when we were freshman at BYU.  I even pulled out a photo album and showed some pictures.  Towards the end of the album, there was a picture of Adam that he sent me from the Missionary Training Center where he learned Finnish (sort of, that's a tough language) before heading to Finland.

When Emma saw the picture, she went and got her phone and showed me a selfie she took:

So apparently there is a genetic predisposition that leads to that expression in photographs.

Since I was scanning the picture of Adam anyway, I pulled a few other favorites out of the album.

I love this picture because Marianne and I were both so happy and excited (and fresh faced!):

We are in her apartment (before a dance, hence the dresses) and she is on the phone with our parents and opening her mission call.  We were both so excited our eyes were closed (also eyes closed in photos is my default setting).  Still the picture made me happy.

I love this picture because when I was in college, every time Olivia came to visit she would bring dress up clothes.  Who does that?  Olivia.  These are some of my mom's dresses from the 60s.

Pictured are my roommate Erin, Olivia, me (a skinnier version of me), and our resident assistant Melissa who tried valiantly to make Erin and me behave.  (We did scandalous things like hang a hammock up in our dorm room...)

I love the next picture because it proves that Enoch has always been pretty...tall.  There's Enoch with his friend and classmate, Jesse.  (Guess which was the point guard and which played under the basket?) Also, these boys went on to win the state basketball tournament when they were older. 

What a cute brother though, huh?  He looks like his son Isaiah in this picture.

Speaking of cute brothers, in the history of the world, have you ever seen anything this cute?

Tabor and Ammon.  Now they have wives and children and careers and facial hair.  A part of me will always remember them this way though.


Marianne said...

Holy cow, you were skinny!!

Olivia Cobian said...

Thanks for the lovely trip!


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