Thursday, February 27, 2014


This year for science, Mark and I are studying human biology.  This is all fine except for now we're learning about puberty.

Which is mostly fine but a tiny bit awkward too.

(I was using a different science curriculum when Braeden was this age.  We didn't have these conversations that are a tiny bit awkward.  So I guess to Braeden all I can say is I'm sorry and you're welcome.)

Yesterday we were reading in a book called Boy's Body Book.  It's all about boys and puberty.  (Kind of makes you queasy, right?)  It talked in the book about how a boy may feel uncomfortable talking to adults about this kind of stuff:

He might be afraid to ask a question he thinks he should already know the answer to.

He might feel like he doesn't know the best (or the most polite) word to use to describe something that is happening with his body.

He might be worried that something he is feeling isn't normal, and that people would laugh at him if they knew what was going on in his head (or his body!).
Mark started laughing and I could tell he thought he was about to be funny because he had that expression on his face.

He said, "Like if I suddenly had a third arm growing out of my chest, I can come to you?  We can talk about it?  I don't think so!  You'd shun me.  You'd throw me out of the country and burn all my clothes."

Then he laughed and laughed.

So, yes, he's crazy...but he makes me laugh and he helps dispel awkwardness.

Also, I told him he can talk to Braeden or his dad if he ever wants to talk about anything (like a third arm growing out of his chest...).

As for me, can we go back to the circulatory system, the digestive system, bones and muscles?  Please?

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