Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Of late

We were driving home one night and Silver Lake was full of floating lanterns:

Every once in awhile, for no explained reason, the world is just a little bit magical.

Also, I have officially Thelma-proofed by computer.  

Braeden and some of his friends skipped school last week to go to the Seahawks parade in Seattle.   Emma wanted to go too but I didn't think that could be true.  She admitted she didn't really want to go to Seattle, she just didn't want to go to school.

I insisted she stay home with me then.

Let the other kids catch up.  (This is what happens when your mom is a recovering home schooler.)  I am happiest when my kids are home.

Or at Alfy's for lunch with me.

Just look at those virtuous plates of salad.  Despite the occasional truancy, I'm not a 100% terrible mother.

Mark and I went on a date while the rest of our people went on a youth temple trip.  Mark is a good date.  He is funny and pleasant and...organized.  He mapped out the agenda.  (Also he didn't mind when I got lost temporarily.  In Snohomish.  I don't want to talk about it except I'm really not the type of person that should go a different way that I think may be faster...) Essentially we just ran errands which is pretty much normal life but some of the errands were for sheer pleasure so that elevates it all to date status I think.

Mark was patient enough to accompany me to a few of my favorite stores in Snohomish.

We found some statements we could get behind:

We walked through the antique mall that is sort of a glorified garage sale.  It is always fun to look.  I found this cookie jar:

It reminded me of one my parents have/used to have?  (Do you still have it?)  My parents' is cuter and it sometimes had wheat in it (my dad--he likes wheat) or peanuts.  I don't remember cookies being in it that often.  I don't think cookies last long enough to make it to a cookie jar.  (My mom makes good cookies.)

We were going to have dinner at one of our favorite hamburger places, The Blazing Onion, but the line was huge.  I promised Mark we'd go another day, at lunch time.

Because really, Mark and I sort of have a date every day.

We went to the Arby's drive thru instead.  He gave me one of his curly fries.  (Usually one fry is plenty for me...unless it's sweet potato fries.  I love those guys.)

I guess this is all just to say:

“Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world ...”
E.A. Bucchianeri

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