Friday, February 21, 2014

In all my spare time

So I've been sick.  (Oh, did I tell you?  I'm usually not one to complain...)

I have been doing the bare minimum which for me means school, laundry and the basics of the dishes.  Everything else is just gravy.  As long as I have those things covered, I figure we'll survive.  (That and Adam has been bringing home dinner every night.)

I told Braeden--well I wrote it--that he should be an awesome husband like his dad someday.

I haven't been talking to my kids.  I really wish they all knew sign language.  I learned a little in college and I keep wanting to sign to them--I'm remembering things I forgot I knew--but they don't know sign language.

Between the three of them, they're pretty good at understanding my charades though.  Also, I had Mark sit next to me and read aloud what I wrote.  Emma said he was the figurehead.

Normally I must spend a lot of time talking to them because in all my free time I've taken up watercolor painting.

I've painted Mark doing math by the fire:

the living room:

and a bouquet of flowers:

OK, that was a lie.  I got a new app called Waterlogue.  I take pictures with my phone and then the app turns them into watercolor looking pictures.

I'm bored.

I want to clean my bathrooms and vacuum and take a walk with my friends and talk (and even sing) and laugh and eat a plate of nachos.

Instead I'm trying to rest and get better and not talk and eat soft and pliable foods.

(That and lie on my blog about skills I don't have.)


Gwilliam Fam said...

I'm sorry you are sick Therm. Sounds miserable. Your water color app is awesome.....I thought it was all you. (You are a woman of many talents!). Get well soon!

Olivia Cobian said...

I hope by now you are all better and that we can talk someday soon.

lifeatthewhitehouse said...

I totally thought that you painted those, ha ha! That was awesome! I am sorry that you have been sick, but yay for the little cool new apps to fill your time and lovely husbands who bring dinner home. Hugs to you.


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