Monday, February 17, 2014


Fifteen things I love about my birthday girl:

1) I can't make her do anything--except last week I did make her take a walk with me because I wouldn't log on the computer until after she did.  Over the years this trait of Emma's has made me a little crazy at times but ultimately I'm happy that she is her own person (whether I like it or not).

2) I love hearing Emma make music.  Whether she is playing the piano, singing, or playing the guitar, her music delights me.

3) Her courage astounds me.  She'll do something that seems completely out of character, she'll sing a solo at a concert or the Star Spangled Banner at a football game, she'll join a group of strangers if they are involved in an activity she wants to participate in...all this from a girl that isn't completely comfortable ordering in a restaurant.

4) Most nights she gets up from the dinner table while the rest of us are still chatting and she'll start doing the dishes.  No one asks her to do it, she just does.  Also, she's super strong.

5) She is a talented artist and writer.  She is also able to understand when I forget a word for a person, place or thing.  I say, "Will you go get whatsit?" or "You'll have to ask whatsit..." and she almost always knows what I mean.

6) We are both introverts and love nothing better than being home together...separately.

7) Emma is very funny.  Her specialty is clever plays on words.  She is also good at laughing at herself.

8) She is a generous and loyal and non-competitive friend.

9) Her heart is tender and her eyes leak when she is touched by something.

10) Grammar matters to her.

11) Her handwriting reminds me of my sister Olivia's.

12) She is a conscientious and hard-working student.

13) Her morality barometer is very keen and she isn't afraid to stand up for truth.

14) She is not materialistic.

15) Recently she has started making her bed.  Usually not until after school, but this is progress, people. (see number 1)

 Happy birthday Emma Jayne!  I'm glad you're my girl.


Olivia Cobian said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! I love you!

Marianne said...

We love you Emma! Come visit us!!


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