Tuesday, February 4, 2014



I'm writing to you on my shiny new laptop Adam bought for me.  Z. zzzzzzz.  Zz.

Guess what works?

The ZzzzzZZZZZ key!

I think not having a Z key (Did you see how easy that was?--ZZZZZzzzzzz) made me more creative and increased my vocabulary (I tried to find words without Z in them).

I learned which words would auto correct and which would not.  I learned tricks for finding the letter.  It was all a great learning experience.  (I also learned, don't spill Diet Coke on your laptop.)

My old laptop, old faithful, the beloved, was wearing out.  She was slow.  Painfully slow and sometimes would just refuse to get out of bed and get to work.  (I know the feeling; I didn't hold it against her.) I texted Adam with a computer complaint.  He is a good one to tell me how to fix whatever is ailing.  He texted back, "It is time to get you a new computer."

(That's not the first time he's told me that.)

I texted, "So are you saying if my computer were a racehorse you would shoot it?"

He texted back, "Yes."

It needed to be put down.  Sort of tragic.

Adam told me to look at the Apple website and compare different choices and figure out what I wanted.


I don't understand the language spoken on the Apple website.  Also computers don't come in enough colors to be distinguishable to me. 

Saturday afternoon found Adam and Braeden and me at the Apple store.  Adam told me to pick what I liked and he would figure out which one had what I needed based on my choice.

Here's the thing.  They are all gray.  Kind of a silvery gray.   "I like the gray one?  The silvery gray one?"

First I had to pick the size.  (Woohoo!  That was so easy to type size!  That was not a word that would auto correct before!  It's really the little things that make life grand!) I picked the one that was the same size as my old computer.  I was still dragging my feet a little bit about the whole endeavor.

We were in a computer store so Adam pulled up a website comparing the specs on the two choices with 13 inch screens.

I didn't understand a word of it.  Braeden looked at me with barely contained mirth.  He knew I didn't understand a word of it.  (He didn't either though.)

I told Adam to get whatever he wanted.  He had a conference with one of the genius bar guys (which must be great for their self esteem--to be part of the genius bar).  They spoke in the foreign computer language...all that mega giga stuff that sounds like the adults in Peanuts cartoons.

Adam turned to me, "So?"

The genius bar guy was looking at me.

Braeden was smirking at me above the genius bar guy's head.

"You decide," I told Adam.

Braeden pulled me over to look at the computer with the comparison page.  "This will clear it all up for you," he said, pointing to the list of features in a sort of mocking way.

"I don't know what any of that means," I said.

"I know," he said, "Neither do I."

We decided to go look at phone cases.  They come in different colors and so are therefore distinguishable.

I finally rejoined Adam and told him which computer I wanted.  I picked the one with the best visual display.  It has retina display and Hey!  I have retinas!  I know that word.  I picked it because I like to watch Netflix on my laptop when I fold laundry so I want to use my retinas.

I started texting and eventually talking on the phone with Emma because she was making schemes for her evening plans.  (It involved seeing the movie Frozen for the third time.) Adam worked out all the details of the memory--which I still only vaguely understand despite Adam's noble attempt at an analogy--and whatever else needed to be worked out and now I have one shiny little laptop that can type z.  Any number of z's I want.





Jennifer said...

Yeah for the letter Z and for new computers to replace old race horses!

Olivia Cobian said...

Congratulations on your snazzy new computer.


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