Wednesday, October 21, 2015


More misdirected email:

What's better than someone else's vacation photo?

Especially when it's blurry and you don't understand what's least they nailed the grammar.

Then there was this one, from Jo Jo.

I hope this Thelma is OK after her "first night out" too.  Although I have no idea what that means.

These misdirected email brought me guilt:

Chatham has terrible flooding!  RainReady can help!  Except Thelma, the one that lives in Chatham, didn't get this email.

This Thelma needs to pay her Virgin Media bill, but she didn't get the bill because she doesn't know her email address.  Give her another chance!  Don't take away her entertainment! 

This was the worst one:

Thelma is interested in going ITT Techinical Institute in San Antonio and Gilda is ready to help her.  But Thelma never got this email.  How can she contact Gilda?

Gilda!  She's still interested!

Don't give up on Thelma!  She's harbored a lifetime dream of ITT Technical Institute.  Don't let a little thing like not knowing her email address stand in the way!



1 comment:

Olivia Cobian said...

How fun for you! I never get those kinds of emails.


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