Tuesday, October 27, 2015

That time of year again

I texted this picture to Adam:

I'd wrapped my first Christmas present and I told him, "It's on."

He texted back, "Wait, really?  Now I feel pressure."

Which is silly because for one thing, I do this every year and for another thing, he doesn't need to feel pressure yet.  He's a last minute kind of guy and it works for him.

I'm an early bird and that works for me.

Opposites attract.

I have been thinking about what to get Mark for Christmas.  For the last decade, it's been a no brainer.  The answer has been Lego sets.  Easy.  Lately, he hasn't been spending a lot of quality time within his Lego sanctuary.  Maybe it's time to diversify?  Get different types of gifts?  Friday night I brought up the topic with him.

Saturday, he sat himself on a kitchen stool and spread the Lego catalog out on the counter.  He had a pen in hand and a blank piece of paper.

"Mom, you know how you said you didn't know what to get me for Christmas?  I'll make you a list."

"Oh. OK," I said.  Mostly because that's the easiest response when he presents me with information like that.

"Don't worry," he said, "I will be reasonable in my list of demands."

"Your list of demands?"


He came up with eleven Lego sets that he wanted.

"Eleven?" I said, "You may want to narrow that down a little."

"OK," he said, "I'll cross one thing off the list."

About then he knew he'd lost me.

"Mom," he said, "How about this--these things on the list can give you ideas of what kinds of things I like.  These are only ideas.  You can get me what you want to get me."

Wow.  Thanks Mark.  That is really pretty generous.

If any other career goals don't pan out for Mark, I think he could be a very successful dictator of a small country.

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Olivia Cobian said...

My boys would love to live in that country. Mark for dictator!


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