Friday, October 16, 2015

Things that shouldn't surprise me

(but still do, somehow)

1- Remember when I grievously fell on my elbow?  I had whiplash from the incident and have been to the chiropractor twice to put my ribs and neck back into place.  I was finally (finally!) feeling a lot better and then I carried five big bags from the car (full of YW stuff) and heaved them onto the table and now my back hurts all over again.

It shouldn't surprise me, but I'm old.

2-We have a lot more leftovers and milk around here.

It shouldn't surprise me, but Braeden ate a lot.

3- My hairdresser has her hair styled in one of those bump type ways which results in big hair.

It shouldn't surprise me, but I left my appointment with bigger than normal hair.

4- Speaking of my hairdresser, I really like her (big hair and all).  We talk about books we've read and our kids while she works her big-hair magic.  She was asking me if my daughter, who is a junior, is busy with hard classes like her daughter, who is also a junior.  I said yes, but happily, students in AP calculus are required to also sign up for a lab period so that cuts down on her homework a lot.

My hairdresser said, "Didn't you home school your daughter?  And she's in AP calculus?!?"

Yes.  Despite that damaging experience, she's a pretty smart cookie.

It shouldn't surprise me, but some people think homeschooling isn't a very good education.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I'm surprised all of those things surprise you. They shouldn't. :)


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