Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hip hip hurray

Three cheers for:

Emma's friend Adri.  Emma went over to her house to get her hair done before her choir concert.  In a family that's hair challenged, it's nice to be able to outsource.

The choir concert.  The choir program is easily my favorite thing about the entire high school.   And now I have a whole new appreciation for their teacher, Mr. Wilcock.  There was a student teacher directing some of the music.  Same talented kids, but they didn't sound the same without him.  Mr. Wilcock for president!

Fleece lined leggings.  I felt like I was getting away with something all day. They feel like I'm wearing a really comfortable and warm sweatshirt on my legs.  Life changing!

awkward mirror selfie...I was that sure you would want to see my leggings

Adam returned safely from his business trip. I always miss him more than seems reasonable when he's gone. 

Mark.  He told me he loved me more than I loved him.  I told him I loved him as much as the law would allow.  A slow smile spread over his face and he said, "I broke the law.  That's how much I love you."

I love that cheesy redhead.

the sandwich one can put sandwiches away like Mark can



Mark Dahl said...

Great hair, Emma Jayne


Olivia Cobian said...

Three cheers for Thelma for blogging and brightening my day!


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