Friday, October 2, 2015

Some random stuff

1- A few days ago I fell walking down our stairs--missed the last step--and landed on my elbow.  It is very bruised and sore and I feel a) old and b) vulnerable.  When little kids fall, they pop back up and run around some more.  Me?  Not so much.

2- We got an email from Braeden's mission president outlining evacuation plans for the impending hurricane.  Now it looks like the hurricane is going to miss them but there will still be a lot of rain and the possibility for flooding.  If I know Braeden, he is thrilled.

3- Marianne directed me to come up with a craft for Thanksgiving (like the bracelets last year).  She's my older sister so she is the boss of me and I am taking this responsibility very seriously.  I am trying to come up with something that is not too expensive or difficult or cheesy and I called Marianne to report my progress.  She thinks I'm better at crafts than I am.

4- Emma is gone on a school trip so we are getting a taste of Life With Mark.  I have a feeling a lot of time will be taken with me stopping Adam and Mark from breaking things.  Those two throw things.  Recently, Adam would throw a football in the direction Mark was going to leap.  Coincidentally it was in the direction of a lot of breakables.


Melanee said...

I hope your elbow heals quickly. It looked painful. And we should make holiday wreaths. I think they can be made cheaply. Or maybe Desi could teach us all to crochet. I can attest to her skill as a wonderful teacher.

Olivia Cobian said...

I look forward to your craft and I'm grateful that no one will ever ask me to come up with one. I can barely be trusted with the pumpkin pie since the year of the sugar-free version.


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