Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lucette's day

Sunday we celebrated Lucette's blessing.  We went to church with Ammon and Melanee.  Lucette wore the incredible dress Melanee had crocheted for her and Ammon gave her a beautiful blessing.  It's possible I teared up a little hearing my baby brother give his sweet baby a blessing.  That Ammon turned out well.  My sisters and I try to take credit because we mothered him as much as possible, but I doubt we deserve too much credit.

After church we convened at their house for a lovely dinner.

Living in the next town over from this delightful family is one of the great blessings of my life.

Here's a closeup (stolen from Melanee's facebook page) so you can see the dress:

Isn't she the cutest cherub you've ever seen?  The chubby perfection! And that dress!

Here's the Grandma and Grandpa shot:

Grandchild number 23

I had high hopes and good intentions of taking a lot of pictures so I could send them to Braeden and I sort of failed.

I did get these two pretty ladies:

And Adam took this:

Never enough sister time.  I love those girls.

Since it is soon Cormac's birthday, Melanee made these great light sabers out of pool noodles and the little boys went to town in huge battles.  It was pretty much perfect.

I particularly loved the way they stored their light sabers when they were not in use.

Cormac opened some gifts and I think he liked the Yoda.

Speaking of gifts, Hyrum told his mom he wants a baby sister for Christmas. 

I'll let you know what happens on that one....


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it will be nice to see how that works out for me as well. This is Hyrum's mother.

Olivia Cobian said...

Why does Hyrum's mother wish to remain anonymous? Why didn't Adam tell me to sit up when I had my picture taken? Why didn't I sit in the middle for the picture? I think my black in between those two reds would have been very balanced.

Great post. I loved spending time with you and yours!


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