Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hiding out

The other night I was lying on our bed and Adam noticed my striped shirt blended perfectly with our striped bedding.

He took a picture (I covered my face with a pillow to further the effect.)

It's a silly picture but not a silly concept.

I'm going to remember my good hiding spot (and I'm looking for some striped pants).  I especially need to utilize this camouflage every Wednesday starting about 4:00 in the afternoon.  My phone starts going crazy.  I call it the Mrs. Flink Effect.  When I taught third grade, there was a student whose mother, Mrs. Flink, called me nearly every morning to chat about her child.  She always called right when I was busy getting ready or worse when I was about to go out the door.  I finally told Adam that if someone called and asked for Mrs. Davis, to tell them I was gone.

The next morning she called and asked for Thelma.  She was tenacious, that one.

Every Wednesday, the Mrs. Flink Effect is now about our Young Women activity.  Every week we meet at the church at 7:00 for about an hour.  There are very few exceptions to that pattern.

Every week, a few parents, some other leaders and some girls text me to find out what time we are meeting and where. (Despite reminders that everyone gets.)

Then they have several follow up questions including but not limited to when we'll be done and what exactly the activity is.

All of this is happening while I am frantically trying to prepare for the activity and get Mark to do his homework and make dinner.

I'm going to just start hiding.

As soon as I find some striped pants.


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