Friday, February 26, 2016

A scene

Last night was the much anticipated night where the scene Emma directed was performed.  Everyone in her drama class had to direct a scene and they were to be performed over two nights.  She had poured her heart and soul into the preparation.  She had researched and planned and rehearsed.  One day she bought pizza for the leading man because he'd forgotten his lunch.  (They rehearsed during lunchtime.)

Emma was all in.  She wanted everything perfect.  She agonized over costumes.  Props had to be just right.  I wrote about the big dress decision and how Marianne came to the rescue.  In the end though, Emma decided to have Cecily wedding dress.

An antique!

(Well, a 20 year old relic.)

She also borrowed the copper watering can that had been my grandma's. 

I was equally worried about both objects finding their way back home but Emma kept careful track of them (which I knew she would).

Here are Cecily and Algernon:

No wait, here they are.  I am not sure what happened there....

Matthias, who was one of Braeden's friends last year, did a great job as Algernon.  In my mind though, Jadon will always be Algernon.

And Braeden will always be Jack.

Emma was slightly waspish before the performance.  Then right before time to go, she sat at the table and looked like she was either going to cry or throw up.  I assured her it would be fine.  I reminded her of how much she had prepared.  I told her it was out of her hands now and in the hands of the performers.

"I know!" she said, "That's the worst part!  I can't do anything now."

Emma got up on stage before her scene and confidently introduced herself and which scene she had selected to direct.  I found myself with the same nervous feeling I always get right before my kids perform.

Then they started and it was great.  The audience laughed and the actors rose to the occasion and made them laugh more.

I am 100% biased but it was my very favorite scene.  After, Emma's friends swirled around her and gave her a flower.  (I love her friends.)  To us, Emma said weakly, "It was funny!  I didn't know it was going to be funny!"

"Of course it was funny," we said.

But she said she didn't realize that until the audience started laughing.  She was so caught up in all the details, the laughter came as a happy surprise.

I like being a drama mama.  In all its forms.  I like discussing afterward with Adam.  We sit next to each other in the darkened auditorium and think identical thoughts and then tell them to each other later.

Except last night there was one difference.

I said, "It was weird seeing my wedding dress on stage."

He said, "Oh yeah.  I forgot about that.  I guess that was your dress."

What can I say?  I married one sentimental man.


Olivia Cobian said...

Sounds wonderful. I wish I could have been there!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Emma Jayne!

Anonymous said...

If we ask really really nicely, will Emma roll out a stage production of Harry Potter EIGHT for us??? (Not to advertise, but it's coming out on Harry's birthday this summer!)


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