Wednesday, February 10, 2016


1-My chiropractor told me I was "a disaster."

2-My physical therapist made me run on a treadmill.  That hurt.

3-In the never ending saga of Just How Awkward Can Thelma Be, we were invited to a party, a Murder Mystery party, and I'm completely intimidated.  (And I'm pretty sure we were invited because of the most awkward incident of my life.  Which is saying something.)

4-When Mark got home from school yesterday, he told me there were Parent Teacher Conferences today.  What?  How did I have no idea about that?

World's Okayest Mom strikes again.

Turns out when I went to the website, he was wrong too.  They're tomorrow.

5-Mark and I went speed shopping at Costco.  Costco in the evening is the only way to do it.  The place is practically empty and if you take a 13 year old boy, he'll run around and grab things while you push the cart. 

6- Emma and I watched a few episodes of HGTV's House Hunter International Edition.  I don't like the process of buying and selling a house but I really like watching other people decide which house to buy--and I like discussing it all with Emma.

7-Emma's voice teacher, who is sort of inflexible when we need to reschedule and we still have to pay even if we don't show up, called to see if she could reschedule Emma's lesson.  I dug in my heels a little.  I said, "She has her choir audition next week."  She hemmed and hawed and floundered around, trying to get me to cave and I...didn't.

She bumped another kid today so Emma can have a lesson.

I coincidentally was wearing this shirt at the time.

It's maybe not a shirt that will make me easier to live with.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I guess I'm glad I don't live with you... :)


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