Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Not my email

Here's another round up of email that isn't mine.  First, this is to Eithne.  Is that a name?  I had no idea.  I googled it and it's Irish and is pronounced Enya.

Who can say where the road goes?
Where the day flows?
Only time
And who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose?
Only time

This email included an exciting detail!  This Thelma's last name.  Does that mean I'm going to contact her and tell her she doesn't know her own email address?

No.  No it doesn't.  I do hope her application is a success though.

This email only included a picture.  It's snowy and blurry.  Well OK then.

This one made me concerned for Peter.  Don't wait too long, buddy.

I blocked out my email address on this one.  I don't need MORE email.

This Thelma can invite friends and family.

If she only knew her email address.

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