Thursday, February 4, 2016


Compared to last year, the snow has been extravagant this year.  And I mostly really love it (I'm not holding much of a grudge toward the ice that spelled doom for my knee).  It helps that Adam's car is a champion in the snow.  It's nice to know that we won't get stranded.  It also helps that they are usually really good about plowing the roads.

I don't know who "they" are.

But I sort of wish I did, because I want to call them and ask why they didn't plow our street this week.  They did all the lower streets in Pleasant Grove nicely.  They just skipped up here, where we...have more snow.

A few days ago, I turned left on the end of our street where you have to go up a little ways before you go down.  I couldn't make it up the hill.  Too icy.  I decided to turn around and go the other way instead.

Then my van slid sideways down the street for about 20 feet.

It was a bit unsettling but not really as terrifying as it maybe should have been.  I just finished turning and went the other way.

Then two things happened yesterday:  the garbage truck got stuck in front of our house and Adam went to Chicago.

First the garbage truck.  It's not that there was so much snow on our street, it was just icy (because they didn't plow the day before) and more snow had fallen.

Here's a picture of the truck sliding sideways down the street:

I must say, it was more unsettling to watch than when I was sliding down the street sideways myself.  I was glad to not be downhill from the truck.

The forecast was for more snow and Adam would be gone and his car--the one that's good in snow--would be at the airport.

The snow was suddenly a lot less appealing.

When I talked to Marianne, she suggested I trade cars with Adam.  Which would have been a terrific idea if I'd thought of it earlier.

Later, I decided to call Adam and see when he was leaving.  Maybe we could still trade?  He said, "If you leave right now it will work."

I hurried to his office for the switch.  The sun was shining and the sky was blue and the snow was once again beautiful.

Bring it on, snowy forecast.  I have a Subaru now.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I still hope "they" will plow for you! Otherwise that garbage truck could take out your Subaru. You park in the garage, right?


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