Monday, February 22, 2016

Is this my life?

Sometimes I don't recognize myself.

1) I marched into Home Depot and bought a sledge hammer.  I look out of place at Home Depot.  I feel out of place at Home Depot.  Three men stopped me on my way to the tools and asked me if I needed help.  (I've been in Home Depot a few times with Ammon.  I can guarantee nobody asked him if he needed help.) I knew exactly what I was after though.  My dad told me down to the brand name and color.  I bought me a sledge hammer.  For flags.

Carrying a sledge hammer outside in the parking lot is maybe a bit intoxicating.

2) I bought one gallon of milk.  Until Braeden left on his mission I never uttered the words, "We have to drink this milk before it expires!"

I went from 6 gallons a week to one.

It doesn't help that Mark and I are in another cereal standoff.  I won't buy more until the Wheat Chex are gone.

(On a side note, does anyone want a really stubborn red head?  Free to a good home.)

3) I didn't make Emma a birthday cake.  I always make my little darlings birthday cakes.  I like baking birthday cakes.  I like eating birthday cakes, but Adam and I are not eating sugar right now.  Baking a cake seemed like pure torture so I went to a swanky cupcake shop instead.  One for each kid.


Anonymous said...

I think someone should make some Chex party mix!

Stephanie Johnson said...

just give away the Wheat Chex, the boy is too much............ well, something....

tee hee


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