Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My children and sports

The boy who loves money:

Adam, bless his heart, tries to get our kids to be more into sports.  The uphill battle is my fault.  I'm the one that didn't bring sports to the table.  (I think my brother Enoch inherited my sports quota.)

Adam used to offer Braeden a milkshake in exchange for rebounds during basketball games.

Now Mark is playing church basketball and had a different idea. "How about cash instead?"

They've come up with a system and I think Adam owes Mark $11.

The girl who is so into the arts she doesn't know where the gym is:

One night during Pippin last week, there was something sports related going on at the high school in one of the gyms.  Or maybe multiple gyms.  I don't know.  (Remember that part about how I didn't bring sports to the table?)

Emma reported that people would wander backstage (during the show!) and get uncomfortable at the sight of all the kids in costumes.  They sought Emma out, who was wearing regular clothes and regular make up. They were looking for gym B or gym C and they asked Emma to direct them.

She had no idea.  Couldn't even begin to point them the right way.


Jennifer said...

I just read your blog out loud and my boys said they are going to adopt Mark's idea and start hitting Enoch up for cash.

Enoch said...

Greeeaaaaaat.......Probably didn't need that idea to surface. What would it be like to actually have more than one gym in town........?


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