Thursday, February 11, 2016

Another day another list

It's surprising to me sometimes that all my blog posts aren't lists.  I'm a champion list maker.  I wish it were an Olympic sport.  I wish I could get paid for my list making.

1- Adam is sick.  As sick as he's been in a long time.  It makes me sad for him and makes me appreciate him all the more.

2- Mark is sick too.  It makes me sad for him.  And it makes me nervous.  Am I next?

3- Mark sits in a chair with a laptop and I bring him glasses of juice and soda.

4- Being sick when you're a kid sets you up for a lifetime of disappointment being sick when you're an adult.

5- Emma is quietly going about being awesome.  She does that like I make lists.  She found out yesterday she was not cast in the spring play (it was a teeny tiny cast!).  She is making alternative plans and being her happy resilient self.  Yesterday she made me cry when she told me about a conversation she had with her seminary teacher.

6- Emma went to the temple at 4:20 this morning with a group of kids from church.

7- I was not awake to see her off.

8- All the HGTV I've been watching is rubbing off on me.  I'm not at the knock walls down stage yet, but I'm definitely thinking of painting something.

9- Or somethings.

10- I think I'll make a list.

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