Friday, February 19, 2016


Stephanie was in town for a Cougarette reunion at BYU.  I love everything about that.

Especially I love that I got to see her.

We met up yesterday at the new Provo temple for a tour.  We met outside and when I saw her my eyes filled with tears.  I was not expecting that (which, let's be honest, I should one cries as easily as I do).

How I love my friends though.

Seeing them is like a glass of water when I'm parched.

We toured the temple and it was beautiful and great to be there together.  Last time I did the tour, my knee was still in rough shape and this time navigating the stairs was much easier.  Stephanie was a little sore because in her performance with the Cougarette alumni, they had danced and she had done the splits.

It was one of those times when I wondered, "What have I ever done?"  She's amazing.

We posed for a picture:

Then we went to a three hour lunch at Zupa's.  We got caught up on all of the everything and it was marvelous.

Friends are good for the soul.



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