Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yin and Yang

These are the emails Emma and Mark wrote to Braeden this week.  They are so reflective of their personalities that it had to be blogged about.


I'm writing to you in the sonnet form.
I am not sure that it is go'ng to rhyme;
It will sound good for only a short time.
This week has brought fair weather, ne'er a storm,
In fact this week has been pleasantly warm.
I hope for you your weather's been sublime,
And that you have been kissed by the sunshine.
My written note tells all, you'll hear much more
(The letter that I'll send sometime this week).
I hope I'll hear from you tomorrow too.
I love it when you send emails to me,
And last week, I heard not a word from you.
So when you sit to tell us of your days
Please promise that you'll send something my way.


   Hey! I NEED TO TELL YOU THIS!!!!!! I went to a BYU basketball game vs San Diego. The score was 91 to 33 in BYU's favor! It was awesome! Also I got a new game called Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO. ITS AMAZING!!!!! It is a Valve game so it's all platforms, and it is really fun. Basically you are a terrorist or a counter terrorist. Then you fight. With guns. And knives. And sometimes with bombs.

ALSO LEIF AND DESI GOT INTO BYU! We (dad and I) went to an eagle court of honor for Brian Payne and Ryan Holman. It was purty great. Anyways I love you!


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