Monday, March 28, 2016

Celebrating weekend

It's a much more low key time of year around here than Christmas, but Easter is every bit as meaningful to me.  (If Easter decorations were red, I'd probably transform my house with them.  As it is, I have a few cute bunnies I pull out Easter weekend.  Pastels.  Meh.)

We kicked off the celebrations Friday evening with me going to watch Adam referee a basketball game, Emma going to the Hale Theater with her friends and Mark staying home alone (at his own request).

Who says we don't know how to party?

I enjoyed watching Adam referee until it started feeling like I was trapped in the play place at McDonald's.  (That's the stuff nightmares are made of.)

It was a men's game--a regional semi finals.  The thing about men that play basketball is that they're pretty young and they have young kids.  The wives come and watch the game but mostly wrangle children and visit with each other.  It was very familiar to me, because I used to be there.  I was the one with the wild redhead that was something of a whirling dervish.  It was all sort of contained until the teams showed up for the next game (complete with wives and toddlers in tow).  It got crazy.  I had unknown children climbing all over me and balls bouncing all around me and children screaming because they were tired and bored and maybe watching your dad play basketball isn't as thrilling as it could be when you're two.

As soon as the buzzer rang, I beat a hasty retreat for the quiet sanctuary of home.  I loved my adorable toddlers--even the wild redhead.  But I really like teenagers.

Saturday was more basketball for Adam (I didn't go watch this time) and chores around the house and appliance shopping.  We're just looking.  Our dishwasher is slowly dying and our refrigerator is fine, we just hate it.  So we're perusing.  Anything's fun with Adam.  Even appliance shopping.  Also Emma and Mark are pretty good company.  Mark buckled up his burrito.

Safety first.

Saturday evening, Emma and I went to the Women's Broadcast.  It was so good.  I love hearing from our inspired leaders.  They make me want to be better.  So does sitting next to Emma.  I want to be what she needs.  The Women's Broadcast always makes me excited for General Conference.  What a wonderful world!

Sunday morning the house was quiet and I prepared little Easter treats for our children.

A few treats and some cash.  Emma's Easter basket is in her closet and I didn't want to wake her up.  So she has a little nest instead.

I know what you're thinking.  Pretty fancy.

After church we had Ammon and Melanee's family over for an Easter feast.  It was fun to visit with them and cuddle with Lucette and teach them how to play Monopoly Deal.

Last night I was reflecting on my week.  It was quite a week with ups and downs.  I was mostly filled with immense gratitude.  I'm grateful for peace in adversity.  I'm grateful for shining examples in the form of young missionaries who survive terrorist attacks with their faith intact.  I'm grateful for a good conversation I had with my grandma about how much the gospel means to us.  I'm grateful for my family...every last member.  I'm grateful for my missionary son who I love more and more each day.  Finally, I'm grateful for Easter.  I love the reminders of rebirth and renewal.  I love remembering the Atonement of Jesus Christ and knowing that because of Him, all is well.

In the face of adversity, there is nothing wrong with hope.


Jennifer said...

Luke loved the buckled burrito.

Olivia Cobian said...

Beautiful post. Is that a really big burrito or a really small seat?


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