Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend report

Friday I started my latest project.  I'm painting our kitchen table.  It is a hand-me-down from my friend and former neighbor Jill.  It is a good, solid and big table.  I just wanted it painted.

I will never be accused of mulling things over too long.  I decided to use some of the leftover paint from Adam's office.  I like the color and it's really high quality paint.  I also decided I needed an orbital sander for the project.  I didn't even know what that was until I saw it on a furniture painting tutorial online.  So I did what I do and texted my brothers for advice.  Enoch and Ammon have tools for days.  I figured they could tell me what to get.  Ammon did one better than that and told me to borrow his.  At first I said I wanted to be a grown up and get my own but then I realized that I don't exactly have a lot of tables to paint so I took him up on the offer.

Emma and Mark and I moved the table to the garage which was a tricky endeavor.  Big table + narrow doors.  When you add strong kids, it worked though.  I sanded and painted.  As I was brushing the paint on, I thought, "Does this color even work with the rest of the kitchen?"

Probably not.  I'm the queen of good enough and making stuff work though.  I'm not afraid.

I'll post some pictures when the whole process is done.  We still need to add a million (ball park figure) coats of polyurethane.

Friday night Adam had basketball games to referee (when you live in Utah County there is such a thing as church regional basketball tournaments and they have a sort of endless nature--it's good that Adam enjoys it) and Mark went to a friend's house to watch a movie.

That left Emma and me to fend for ourselves.  We went to Kneaders for dinner because that's a good way to fend for yourself.  Also, sensing the threat of boiling over, I had Emma write a list of everything stressing her out when we got home from dinner.  All the impending doom.  We sat across from each other at the (substitute folding) table and slayed her dragons.  We wrote new lists (I love lists!) and I commanded her to cease and desist from worrying about a lot of the stuff because either 1) her dad and I could handle it or 2) it was too early to start worrying.  I told her it was like worrying now about paying for her eventual kids' braces.

She countered it was nothing like that and I told her to stop worrying!

Why is it always easier to see that someone else is worrying needlessly than to stop yourself from worrying needlessly?  I guess that's why we have each other.

(But "Get Accepted to College" was on Emma's list of distress!  I think someone will take my little straight A student....)

Saturday was more basketball for Adam and painting for me.  Mark assembled my new red wagon that was a Christmas present.  I'm going to fill it with flowers on my deck.

Mark pulled everything out of the box and said, "I love it when something is simple.  I can just tell how this is going to go together."

I looked at the disparate parts and had no idea how it would go together so I'm glad I have that kid.

I got text messages from Luke wondering who I was cheering for, Yale or Duke.  He's a big time Duke fan so I told him I'd cheer for Duke because of him.

Adam got home and reminded me of this shirt I have and told me I should rethink my support.

I then declared I was going for the blue team.   I don't think Luke appreciated my cowardice because he texted to gloat after Duke won.

I'm glad Jennifer lets Luke use her phone to text me.

Saturday afternoon Adam and I hit Winco for steak because we do that every Saturday afternoon (steak for Sunday dinner is a new but honored tradition).  Emma went with us because we were stopping at IFA and she wanted to see the baby chicks.  A store employee saw Emma and me looking at the chicks while Adam was perusing weed killer and asked if we wanted to buy some.

I almost laughed out loud.  Because no.

There was more painting and sanding (it's a process, that table!) and then Adam and Mark and I tried to take the base off the old red wagon (because I have a hare brained idea for a new life for the wagon).  The screws were rusted and the whole bottom of the wagon was rusted through in spots.  I got my sledge hammer and wanted to use it.

I told Adam how much I love having a sledge hammer.  He said, "I know you do," and he led me away from his car which I was near.

We managed to sort of get it apart but I'm going to take it to my dad's shop for some tweaking.

That night, Emma had friend plans so Mark and Adam and I watched Pee Wee's Big Holiday on Netflix.  Mark was super skeptical about the whole thing but Adam and I convinced him.  Pee Wee Herman is the exact right amount of creepy and ridiculous and funny.

At bedtime, unrelated to Pee Wee's Big Holiday, I had hiccups that wouldn't go away.  Adam said, "I think I will vote for Donald Trump."

I knew that wasn't true and was waiting for his punch line.

Finally, I said, "What are you talking about?"

He said, "I just wanted to make your hiccups go away."

And guess what?  They had gone away.  It's the first positive thing I can say about Donald Trump.

Sunday was the dedication for the Provo City Center Temple.  There were three sessions so we watched Ammon and Melanee's kids during the first session and went to the second.

I loved reading stories to Azure and made an elaborate mess out of feeding carrots to Lucette.  I hardly saw Cormac because he and Mark were playing.

I also loved the dedication of the temple!  I feel a lot of sentimental fondness for the Provo City Center Temple and I enjoyed the outpouring of goodness I felt at its dedication.  I know temples are holy places and I'm beyond grateful for the blessings I receive there and for the fortunate proximity I have to temples.

Sunday night ended with a fireside about the upcoming trek this summer.  Emma, based on her past trauma, is dreading it.  Mark, not old enough to go, is jealous.  I ran into Amy, my friend from college at the fireside.  She's going as a Ma.  Unlike Mark, I'm not jealous.

Because of the whole I love not camping thing.

We came home and played a hand of Monopoly Deal (I won't mention who won, but I did).  Emma and Mark each put a toothpick in their mouth and started speaking like they were 1920s gangsters.

The other day on the phone, I asked Marianne how we both got such weird kids.  I said, "I guess because they were homeschooled."

Then I said, "Wait--"

That may have implicated their mothers....

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