Monday, March 7, 2016


Enoch and Adam and Isaiah and Luke.   They're all basketball boys.

Enoch asked Adam to go to Nevada to referee some basketball games.  Five of them.  I didn't know if Enoch was crazier for asking or Adam was crazier for saying yes.

After he got home from work on Friday we loaded up the little Subaru (which proved invaluable in the snow in the Pequop mountains on the return trip.  We rolled in late and chatted with my parents a little while (mostly about politics) before bed.  Saturday morning Adam, dressed in his referee garb, headed to town.  I talked to both sisters on the phone and spent time with my mom and then we headed to town too.  To watch a game.

We sat by Jennifer and watched Isaiah and Luke being coached by Enoch and Adam at the whistle, refereeing.  It was fun.  Isaiah and Luke are amazing which shouldn't be surprising because they are being raised in gyms with basketballs in their hands.  Luke is three years younger than the team he plays on and he holds his own.

At one point he made a three pointer after Adam had already called someone for traveling on the other team.  Adam heard me say, "Oh, come on, Uncle Adam."

Well.  It was a good shot.

I loved seeing those cute boys and was only sad that Savannah was sick so I didn't get to see her.  It's also fun watching Enoch coach.  He's absolutely natural at it.  He has charisma for days and the boys want to make him happy; they are working hard.

We headed back to Starr Valley, leaving Adam to referee his fill.  After a delicious lunch, we went over to Marianne's and convened for a walk.  Crunching on the gravel, we headed out in the sunshine.  Mark and all the boy cousins (except Hyrum who was riding his horse) were involved in an intense game including toy guns and a lot of criss-crossing the yard.

My mom, Marianne, Olivia and I were joined on the walk by Deseret, Emma and Liberty.  Just yesterday they were these little cuties.

Now they are practically grown.  They have big dreams and all the confidence accomplished and beautiful teenage girls are entitled to.  Carolina and Liliana whizzed by on their bicycles, Carolina putting her feet up on the handlebars just to show off a bit.  

It felt like a lot of girl power walking down that road.   

I can't wait to see what these enchanting girls all become.

Later, Adam returned and the adults headed to Elko.  My parents treated us all to dinner and then we went to the adult session of their stake conference.  I sat between Adam and Enoch and when it was time to sing, I handed Enoch a book and said, "I want to hear you sing."

It's the same thing I do to my sons.

I guess I started raising boys when I had little brothers.

But, hey, it's working.  Enoch sang really well....

Olivia was a speaker at the conference.  Wow.  My little sister.  Sometimes I wish we looked more obviously alike so everyone would know she's mine.  Marianne said she wants a sign, indicating she's Olivia's sister.  I guess we all do.

It was a wonderful meeting and Adam and I talked later that night about how great it is that we can go to another stake's conference and still be edified and enjoy the meeting.

Life's pretty great.

I was done for when we got home and went to bed and Adam stayed up explaining Google slides to my mom which I neither understand nor really want to.

Sometimes I think I should be more like my mom and want to learn new things and I then I think, nah.  I'm good.

Sunday morning after a spectacular breakfast my parents headed to more stake conference and we headed home.  In a snowstorm.

That night, Tabor and family stayed with us.  We stayed up too late visiting but it was Tabor.

Sometimes my cup runneth over.  Happy me.


Jennifer said...

It was so great to see you. We appreciated Adam's refereeing and your cheering.

Olivia Cobian said...

Monique has always thought that Marianne and I don't look anything alike. Saturday night she told me that you are the perfect mix between Marianne and me. I was flattered that at least she thinks you and I look alike. :)


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