Wednesday, March 9, 2016


The other day one of my friends posted this picture on Facebook:

It made me sigh a happy sigh of longing for summer.

It's on the street where I'll go this morning to drop Mark off for school.  It won't look like that today. Today the trees are bare and the grass is dormant and the mountain is gray.  The sky is even a little gray.

I'm ready for summer.

(I know, it will be hot and I will eventually welcome fall like it's a long lost friend.)

But, for today, summer seems grand.

I'm looking forward to evenings on the deck, I'm looking forward to watering flowers and hearing sprinklers.  I'm looking forward to wearing skirts and bare legs and bare feet.  I'm looking forward to road trips and long Sunday afternoon walks along the Provo River.  I'm looking forward to green green grass.

I get scented pinecones every year as soon as they start showing up in stores.  Last week I painted my leftover Christmas pinecones to look like flowers.  (Maybe?  Tabor was skeptical.)

They're holding me over until I have a pot of the real thing on my deck.  (On my deck so the deer don't eat the flowers.)

The deer are year round.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I love your pine cone flowers! They are lovely. Do they still smell?


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