Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2

It feels like spring. 

I saw a fly yesterday.  (I got it with my fly swatter.)

I know it's not officially spring yet but I am itching to move things around and box up anything still about that's wintry and pull out my spring decor. 

I need to move all the plants from the windowsills so I can close the blinds now that the sun is starting to beat down again.

Which reminds me I need to wash the windows....

It's almost time to start thinking flowers.  I learned that columbine are deer resistant and since we are foster parents to a herd of deer, that matters.

I need to take one of the quilts off our bed and put away my sweaters.  At least the heavy ones.

The light is different and I want to take a walk along the trail by our house since the ice and snow and finally mud are gone.

The best part of March 2?

The thing that is making my heart sing?

Braeden has been gone 6 months.  He is 1/4 of the way done.  I miss him every day and 1/4 of the way done is a beautiful thing.

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