Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 2

We bid farewell to Las Vegas:

It was sunny and warm and decidedly less tacky in the daylight.

We drove across the Mojave Desert to San Diego.  (Here's a hint:  Don't stop in Primm.  It's not worth it.)

Emma checked in from Disneyland:

She's cute when she's squinty.  But, then, I'm her mom, so I always think she's cute.

One must do on our trip was to hit Portillo's for lunch.

The strawberry shake could bring world peace.  For someone who's not eating sugar, I made pretty short work of it.

Mark called it medicinal sugar.

Adam (also needing some medicinal sugar apparently) did a taste test between the strawberry shake I got and the strawberry malt Mark got.

If you're going to fall off the no sugar wagon, you might as well mean it.

We went to the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center in Old Town San Diego.

The tour started sort of bizarrely and we looked at each other uncomfortably but the sister missionaries recovered and it all turned out fine in the end.

Until this happened.

Adam thought we should look serious because it was a black and white photo.  I evidently was not able to pull that off so I went for a sort of deranged weird shadowy look.

When you're photogenic, you're photogenic.  (And when you aren't you aren't.)

On the upside, Mark and Adam were able to pan for gold.

We walked around Old Town and it was interesting + picturesque + touristy.

We drove through a nearby neighborhood and admired the pretty and suuuuper expensive homes.  One was for sale and I hopped out to pick up the paper to see how much.

$4 million.

If we wanted to buy that house, we'd have to pan for a lot more gold.

We found a perfect little Mexican restaurant for dinner (Adam claims we may go back there tonight) then we hit the hotel hot tub (even I went this time) after which Adam and I sat by the outdoor fireplace while Mark swam.

There is a reason people take vacations.  We're a happy trio.

(And it would be worth $4 million if Emma and Braeden were here too.)


Jennifer said...

We loved San Diego. I wish I could have stowed away in your trunk. Have a fabulous time.

Jill Dunn said...

Hi Thelma. Maybe you don't remember me. I don't even remember how I found your blog for sure but I think it was through the Nester's 30 day thing a few years ago (but I also remember figuring out that like me, you had a class from Loise Plummer at BYU or something like that too). I haven't commented on your blog in a really long time but it is always one of my favorite blogs to read. I like your writing and I can relate to you in a lot off ways. I feel like we would be good friends in real life. That all probably sounds a little weird and maybe even slightly creepy, but I felt compelled to tell you anyway. P.S. I'm actually really not creepy at all. But I guess creeps might make that claim too. You can be the judge.


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