Monday, April 4, 2016

Tiny notes

Dear Dishwasher,

I'm sorry I took you for granted.  Thank you for dying at an opportune time when we're about to go out of town so we won't be long without a dishwasher while we wait for your replacement to arrive.  In the meantime, pass the scrub brush.


Dear Person in the Car in Front of Me,

The peace sign in one corner of your windshield seemed at direct odds with this on the opposite corner:

Are you just trying to be trendy with the peace sign or are you a little shaky on the concept of peace?  Or are zombies that eat families peaceable in your world?  I don't know.  Carry on.


Dear General Conference,

You never disappoint.  Thank you for inspiring and healing me in ways I didn't know I needed healing.  And church from my comfy chair?  Yes, please.


Dear Mark's Voice Teacher,

This text exchange made me laugh a little but also made me a little sad.  Because that boy is growing up too fast.

Don't age him any more than nature is insisting on.  Please.


Dear Emma,

Are you excited for choir tour?  Because you haven't mentioned it.  In the last 10 seconds.


Dear Technology,

You're the best.  Because of you, someone sent a video of Clarissa on her birthday to Marianne and then Marianne sent it to me and that made my day.


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