Friday, April 8, 2016


When we were planning our trip, I looked into some of the attractions at SeaWorld and saw that you could get wet on some of the rides.  Also, it wasn't going to be exactly warm when we were there.  So I bought some of those disposable rain ponchos.

I told Adam and Mark, "We're going to be that family.  The one with the rain ponchos."

They both assured me they wouldn't be wearing them.

How far the proud and mighty have fallen.

But it was rainy.  Big fat incessant drops.  Like how it used to rain in Connecticut sometimes.  We still went to SeaWorld though.  For one thing, we're not made of brown sugar.  For another thing, we used to live in Seattle.  You don't change your plans for a little rain!

The real irony of the day was that the weather in both Seattle and Pleasant Grove was warm and sunny.

Mark especially didn't let the rain get in the way of his food consumption.

By the way, when you have a teenage son, springing for the dine all day ticket is worth it.  Mark ate three lunches.

It turned out the rain ponchos were sort of like Mickey Mouse ears at Disneyland.  Everyone is wearing them and pretty soon it feels completely normal to be wearing what looks like a garbage sack all day.

We had a marvelous day, despite the rain.

Late in the afternoon, the sun came out.  I felt a kinship to this sea lion.  Ah...sunshine!

After SeaWorld, we stopped at the beach.

Of course, this happened.

We also stopped by to see the San Diego temple on the way back to the hotel.


Back at the hotel, Mark and Adam headed to the pool (of course they did) and chilled to the bone, I climbed under the covers in bed. 

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Adam Davis said...

For the record, I didn't wear the poncho. It's one thing to look like you are wearing a garbage bag like everyone else. It's another to look like the trash needs to be taken out.


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