Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I wish Emma would at least pretend she needs me.  Just a little bit.

Yesterday morning was the big day she left for Disneyland.  I woke up around 6:15 and went into her room.  Her neatly packed bags were on her bed and she was checking things off a comprehensive list.  I scooted over the bags and climbed into her bed.

It was early.

I quizzed her about things she may have forgotten.

Got it.

Got it.

Got it.

We went downstairs and she was a happy chatterbox.  I was still shaking the cobwebs out of my brain and she wanted to leave.  It was about 6:30 and the school is about 5 minutes away.

And the bus was leaving at 8:00.

"Mr. Wilcock isn't even there yet," I protested.

"I guarantee he's been there since 6:00," she said.  "He wants us there at 7:00 and what he really means is that he wants us there at 6:50."

We stopped by and picked up our neighbor, Emily, on the way to the school.  Emily probably told us 30 times how tired she was.  Emma, who had stayed up late and woke up early, said nothing.

I swear that girl is made of tough stuff.

We got to the school about 6:45.  True to Emma's word, the place was hopping.  There was a check in desk set up and choir kids milling around looking far too alert for that time of day.  I told Emma good-bye.  I told her I loved her.  I told her to text me.  (I didn't get out of the car.  Pajamas.)

"Bye," she said.

Not so much as a backward glance.

I'm worried she's going to really miss me.

Later Emma sent me this picture from the bus:

Hayley has a "How long am I going to be on the bus with this girl?" sort of look on her face.


Adam and Mark and I set out for our escapade yesterday too.  While Adam was loading up, he kept saying, "Is this everything?  I feel like we're forgetting something.  What is missing?"

It was Braeden and Emma.  Sniff.

We were small in numbers but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm.  Mark said, "Are we stopping at Maverick?"

Adam said, "Yes, of course."

"Why?" was my naive question.

Mark gave me a derisive look.  Adam said, "It is adventure's first stop."

I may have had the same expression as Hayley in the above picture.

We went to Maverick though.  

And if three extra large caffeinated beverages hasten the start of an adventure, then we were in business.  (Oh, my mom will not approve that sentence!)

Our progress was leisurely with lots of stops.  We listened to a podcast and to Mark pontificate (seriously.  that kid.) and we chatted a lot and enjoyed the scenery.

I continue my desert love affair.  When I was in high school, I had a Southwest Phase.  I think I may circle back to it.  Succulents are my love language.  So are red rocks and sunshine.

Our Main Attraction for the day was Hoover Dam.

We were there at dusk and it was majestic and awe inspiring.  It's amazing what people can do.  And it's also a glorious and serene contrast to the ickiness that is Las Vegas which is also a human creation (but a lot less beautiful).

After Mark took a long armed selfie with me...

 ... I handed him my phone to take a picture of Adam and me.

Here's what he did.

Ha. Ha.

Here was his second try:

We went back to Las Vegas to our hotel.  Adam and Mark went to the hotel pool and I...didn't.  Emma called to check in.

"Are Dad and Mark at the pool?" she asked.

Not her first rodeo.

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Anonymous said...

Should we clarify that those extra large caffeinated beverages weren't coffee? This is your bossy older sister. #section89


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