Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I don't know what people without an Emma do

I blame the internet.  It is usually the internet's fault.  The internet gives me Ideas and sometimes they're dangerous ideas.  (Not literally dangerous, just mentally dangerous.  Stick with me, here.)

I saw a picture of a collage of clocks and I liked it.

I gathered some clocks.

This was totally out of character, but I decided to measure the clocks and create a little scale model of the clocks and decide where I wanted them on the wall.  The reason this is out of character is because I'm allergic to both measuring and things that are of scale.  Everything I hang on my walls is usually done with abandon.  I trust my eye and I don't trust tape measures. 

I know that about myself but I guess I thought there was always a first time for everything.  Maybe this time measuring would be the ticket!

I measured all the clocks.  I fished out my circle shaped stencils (because I was being Serious here).  I cut out circles and even used my button circle punch because it was the right size.  I arranged them artfully on a piece of paper and it looked weird.  They didn't seem to scale, but I'd measured!

I showed it to Emma.  I said, "What do you think?"  She skeptically wondered if these were really the size of the clocks.  I told her I'd measured them.  The look on her face told me that maybe I'd done something wrong. 

"Help me!" I pleaded with my girl.

"OK," she said dutifully.

I told her the measurements of the clocks.  Not trusting me, she said, "Where's your tape measure?" (She's familiar with my allergies.)

She measured and calculated and told me where I'd gone wrong and I marveled at the fact that I taught her elementary school when really it probably should have been the other way around.

We arranged the little new and improved models on the paper.

The casual observer may not be impressed with how measure-y and plan-ny I was being here.  Yes, I cut a wonky starburst and didn't exactly stick to the original plan.  But still.  This is something for me.

Adam and I hung the clocks.

I feel like I need one more clock.  A red one.

There was a whole lot of me standing back and saying "higher, now lower" and "that way" (because I'm not excellent at knowing left and right).

I'm happy with the results, but on a sad side note, the sunburst clock (which is sort of my favorite one) wouldn't work right.  If we tapped it, it would start ticking and then slowly die.

Adam took it apart and has a scheme for fixing it.

(I don't what people without an Adam do.)

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Jennifer said...

I like it. I think a red one would work in the mix and be great. I so wish you and Emma would come out and help me put things on the walls.


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