Monday, April 11, 2016


We spent a slow and lazy morning around our hotel.  Mark swam and ate the hotel breakfast alternately.

We decided this weather was not exactly what we signed up for months ago when we decided San Diego for spring break.  This weather is what we had though, so we also decided to have a good time.

Next we hit Seaport Village for the kite shop.  Adam bought himself a new kite while I perused the other little shops.  We drove around downtown San Diego and were struck by how much it's like downtown Seattle.  We went across the bridge to West Seattle Coronado.  I wanted to see the Hotel del Coronado.

It did not disappoint.

These chandeliers were designed by Frank Baum (who wrote Wizard of Oz) and were built by Thomas Edison.  Photo bomb provided by Mark and Adam.

Mark said we should have stayed there.  We told him we would have except for the little fact that the rooms are $1000 per night.

We drove down the island a ways to a state park and Adam got to try out his kite.

Mark was his helper because it's a two person job to get it aloft.

It was sort of an ominous looking day to go to the beach, but the place was empty.

Mark tried out the kite too...

 Then he did rope tricks?

Then he went swimming.

I certainly didn't think it was warm enough for swimming but I did not give birth to people that are ever cold.  Especially when water is involved.  Also, they're all good swimmers (thanks to their dad).  Even so, I was a little worried about Mark swimming in the ocean alone.  (Adam didn't have his swimsuit...Mark is always prepared for water.)  He is my baby and I prefer it when his man-sized lifeguard trained brother is swimming next to him.

I asked Adam if it was safe.

Adam called Mark in and reviewed what to do in case of a riptide.

Then Mark went back out.

I don't know if that made me feel better or worse.

We had debated all day about whether or not we wanted to go surprise Emma at her choir performance that night in Placentia.  The Pleasant Grove choirs were part of a competition that centers on performing at Disneyland and having classes from college choir professors and competing.  The competition portion was being held at some buildings associated with a Presbyterian church.  It was about 1 1/2 hours up the coast.  We finally decided to just go for it.  And I'm so glad we did!

Emma was shocked when Mark tapped her on the shoulder.  She ran outside to where Adam and I were and kept asking, "What are you doing here?"  It was nice to see her face though and to get a hug from her and from all of her friends.  I think they missed their mothers.  Rose, who is also one of my laurels, hugged me about five times.  Of all the girls, Emma was probably the least effusive.

Which surprised exactly no one.

Here they are, complete with Mark being the pesky little brother.

I chatted with a few of the chaperones (one was a woman from our ward and another was the mother of Braeden's friend Nate...I still don't know her first name but I bet Emma does so I'll ask her).  Then we went into the church where they were performing.

The pastor of the church introduced Emma's choir.  He said he'd been waiting since last year for Pleasant Grove to come back.  You could tell from their faces that it delighted the kids.

Then they sang.

This picture was during their finale which was Glory Glory Hallelujah.  That's the pastor standing up and clapping along.  He was enthralled.  I guess we all were.  The acoustics were incredible and the kids knew it.  They sang their little hearts out and it was amazing.

After he got back up and said they sounded like a choir of angels.  He said when they were all in heaven together he wanted to hear them sing.  You could tell that pastor straight up loved all those Mormon kids from Utah.

I whispered to Adam, "Someone get that guy a pass along card."

It was the best Emma's choir has ever sounded and I was thrilled to be there for it.  It was definitely worth the drive.  We hugged good-bye and I gave Emma an umbrella to use the next day at Disneyland and we headed back to San Diego.

A day well spent.

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Sister Johnson said...

This is not Clarissa but her mother and it seems nice to be logged in as Clarissa. That was so lovely and it made me cry. I wish I could have heard that choir!


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