Friday, April 1, 2016

People are the best

Braeden had asked me to mail him some scone recipes because a lady there wanted to learn how to bake them.  So I sent them.  I don't know when it was-- recently enough that Braeden was in North Carolina but long enough ago that I had forgotten about it.

Yesterday I missed a call on my cell phone, from Coinjock, NC.  Those are the missed calls that make me sit up and pay attention.  I called the number back, hoping there was nothing wrong with my North Carolina missionary.  No, it was the woman I had sent the scone recipes to, and she sought clarification.

I answered her questions about kneading and whether or not the dough had to raise.  (No, there's no yeast in it.)  She told me she was having Elder Davis over for dinner and wanted to make the scones for him.

You may as well write me a check for a million dollars.  I love that woman!  I couldn't tell her in enough ways how much I appreciated her taking care of him.  She deflected all the praise and said it wasn't just her.  They pass a calendar around their tiny branch and make sure the missionaries are fed every night.

Such amazing people!

I couldn't help myself.  I asked, "So how's Elder Davis doing?"

When Braeden was in school, there were two types of teachers.  The ones who would wear a t-shirt for the Braeden Davis Fan Club if they were made available and the ones who solemnly told me alarming things about him, like Braeden thought the world was flat (that was his physics teacher).  This lady was in the Fan Club set.  She told me how Braeden was funny and kind and which scriptures he had her studying.  She told me that her husband, who isn't a member, used to go in the back room when the missionaries were over but he has a really good relationship with Braeden so now he stays.  She told me her dog even likes Braeden and you can tell a lot about a person if your dog likes them.  The dog sits on Braeden's feet.

It was all salve to a mother's heart.  I miss that kid.  I worry about that kid.  I pray for that kid.  The phone call felt like a tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father.   You keep doing your thing and I'll take care of your boy.

I will answer scone questions any day of the week.


For part of our birthday gift, Geri gave us four tickets to a performance by the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble.  We went last night.

Adam went too, he just took the picture because Mark wanted one of him in his new jacket.  (He may wear that jacket every day.)

Also, a word about Mark's hair.  I asked his director yesterday at a costume Q and A meeting if he really can't get a haircut.  She said, "No, we want it...scruffy."


But those BYU dancers were incredible!

There were many moments when Mark would turn to me, mouth agape or Adam and I would look at each other, wide eyed.

They were so talented!  So athletic and dedicated and just stunning.  I love watching people that have worked very hard to achieve excellence.  Hearing beautiful music and entertaining live performances make my heart soar.

It made me proud to be a person.


Jennifer said...

I love the picture of the three of you! You and Emma look radiant. I love her lipstick. I can't believe Mark's height and handsomeness either. A fine looking group.

Olivia Cobian said...

You are gorgeous. I'm so glad about Brother and Sister Scone (and their dog) loving Braeden. I love him too! If I had a dog, it would probably also be a Braeden fan.


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