Wednesday, November 2, 2016

4 eyes X 2

Emma wanted glasses.  She wears contacts but she wanted an alternative too.  I usually wear contacts but have been wearing my glasses more and more it seems because of my ring ding eye.  (Every time my dad sees me in glasses he is happy.  He thinks they are better for me than contacts.)

I noticed I was constantly cleaning my glasses and it never seemed to help.

Then, since, I' know, super observant, I finally realized they were a bit scratched and the non reflective coating was coming off in spots so that's why they always seemed dirty.  I thought about how long I'd had my glasses and I think it was 10-15 years.

So I decided Emma and I were both getting new glasses.

We picked out our frames and Emma helped me decide which I should get.  I don't really feel like I look that good in any glasses but she bolstered my confidence a little.

That night I showed Adam a picture online of the glasses I had selected.

"Really?" he said, "Did you really get those?"

" you hate them?"

"I'm just...surprised," he said.  He tried to recover, but the damage was done. 

I asked Adam, "When I get them are you going to tell me you like my glasses even if you don't?"

He said, "Of course I am."

(He's smart like that.)

I picked them up yesterday. I took a selfie and sent it to Adam.  I told him to practice not being horrified when he came home from work.

He texted back, "They look good."

Because what else was he going to say?

When I picked up Mark from school, he said, "I like them!"

When Emma came home from school she nodded her approval.  I asked Emma if she for sure liked them.  I said, "Your dad didn't seem to like them when I showed him the picture."

She said, "Are you really going to base anything on Dad?"  In typical teenage girl manner she worries very little about her parents' fashion sense.  Probably wise.

I said, "My mom taught me if your husband likes you in red you're a fool to wear blue."

Emma said, "Maybe you shouldn't take your value from a man.  Did you ever think about that?"

So yeah, she's kind of a feminist.

She hurried to take out her contacts so she could wear her new specs without making herself dizzy.

We're two happy kids in our new glasses.

I may look derpy, but my daughter sure is cute!


Jennifer said...

You are both beautiful!!

Megan said...

I love the new glasses - and I'm sure Adam does too. Guess we'll never really know though because he'll tell you he does regardless.
- I like your mom's quote better then Emma's btw.

Anonymous said...

You both look great!! Such attractive women in such stylish glasses!! Love, Marianne

Olivia Cobian said...

You both look great! I just realized Marianne said those exact words. In the mouth of two or three witnesses...


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