Friday, November 18, 2016

Why I'll keep the basement door unlocked tonight

Mark's scout troop is camping in our backyard tonight.  I think it may have been Adam's idea because Adam said he's going to sleep in his bed.

Mark said, "You're going to leave us?"

Adam said, "I don't need a camping merit badge."

It's a good spot because Saturday they're going to go bike riding on the new bike trails that are a stone's throw (if you're good at throwing stones) from our backyard.

And I think it's going to be a plenty arduous experience, even though it's in our backyard.

The temperature is in the low 20s this morning.

Also, we heard a coyote last night that sounded like it was in our yard.  Adam turned on the lights outside to get a look.  It stopped its yowling and howling.  He thought it was by our playset in the back corner.  He turned the lights back off and it gave one more yip.

I'll be surprised if I don't wake up to a basement full of boys.

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