Thursday, November 3, 2016


I like October.  I like the arrival of autumn and the return of sweater weather.  When November hits though, I am in love.  I love moving past Halloween.  I love that now it's time for THE holidays.  Now I can really get down to the business of getting ready for Christmas.

Because the getting ready is a big part of the fun.

(I have a spreadsheet.)

Yesterday morning I just walked around our house happy.  It was a good day.  The sun was just right and everything was pretty.

that little orange bush makes me smile every time I see it

November is just a nice idea all around.

I went to visit my grandma and that's always a good way to spend a few hours.  She put the fear in me by asking me to help her with tech support though.  I'm hardly qualified to help, but I tried.

I stopped at IKEA on the way home to check out their Christmas offerings and I was disappointed.  IKEA has been letting me down lately.

And I take it a little personally.

Things really went downhill when I got home and the youth activity that was planned unraveled.  I called Adam while he was driving home to rant about All the Things.  Turns out he was giving his friend a ride home from work and was on speaker phone.

So that was lovely.

This same friend is married to one of my YW counselors.  I told Cortney about her husband accidentally hearing my rant and she said he was used to it and would at least now know it wasn't just her.

Because sometimes things make both of us a little crazy.

At least our husbands have each other.

Maybe they can start a support group.  (Maybe they already have.)

But at least I have November.

I plastered the front door with things we're grateful for:

This barely scratches the surface.  It's a good life.

(Besides the times when I'm ranting on the phone to unsuspecting people.)


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