Thursday, November 10, 2016

Young Women in Excellence 2016

I. Am. Tired. 

Days like yesterday that are anything but calm, remind me of how much I enjoy the more calm days.

It was Young Women In Excellence which is one of the Big Deals in the life of a YW president.  My fellow leaders and I had been preparing for weeks.  I wrote a talk and then rewrote it yesterday morning.  Everyone's best friend, Pinterest, helped us with the idea.  This is where our inspiration came from.

I appreciate people that share their good ideas.

Our youth are doing a Small and Simple Things challenge right now so a Small and Simple Things theme seemed perfect.

We had eight leaders decorate eight tables, one for each value color.  They looked so pretty that I took a picture of each.  Except integrity.  Somehow I missed it.  I'm also realizing that I didn't take a picture of the refreshment table.  One of my counselors did it and it was amazing. 

Faith:  this was mine
Divine Nature
Individual Worth
Choice and Accountability
Good Works
Each leader also gave a short talk about each value and we had the YW give talks about things they'd done for personal progress. 

Emma wasn't able to be there because she was in a performance at her school for her productions class (I had to miss opening night but there are two more shows and I will be there front and center--well, house left.  That's where Emma told me to sit for optimum viewing).  And if she had been there she would have had to speak because she finished her Personal Progress recently!  Happy Day!  I did have her create the program.  She is a font guru and can make Microsoft Word do magic tricks that I can only dream about. (I should have been taking notes.)

One girl spoke about how I'd helped her with one of her goals by sending her a text message every day for two weeks to remind her.  I was feeling a bit pleased with myself and then the next girl talked about how I'd asked her to speak and "when Sister Davis walks up to you at church that is never a good thing."

So don't worry about me holding onto any feelings of smugness for too long.

Teenage girls have a way of tempering any success you may experience.

It was a nice night though.  They're good girls.  They're worth spending time trying to create a sort of fancy event for.

Now I am off to restore order around here.  I was too tired to even unload the van last night. 


Jennifer said...

It looks amazing. I am very impressed with Emma's program. I care about fonts and spacing and I like her work. I hope you can rest today!

Olivia Cobian said...

There doesn't seem to be anything small or simple in the great effort you all put in. Those value displays are beautiful. I love them,and who needs integrity anyway?


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