Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving week-2

I am grateful to have a girl!  If I was only going to get one daughter, I'm glad I like her so very much.

I'm grateful she is spunky and funny and smart.

I'm grateful that the teenage girl/turbulent/angsty years are behind us and now I just have an Emma to enjoy.

I'm grateful that Emma is so strong willed that she does and thinks what she wants.  I'm grateful for her stubborn streak and also her willingness (sometimes) to listen.  I'm grateful for her goodness and for when she tells me about some seminary lesson that meant a lot to her.

I'm grateful she cries easily.

I'm grateful for this exciting time in her life when she has big choices in front of her and a bright future in store.

I'm grateful she rocks bright red lipstick:

(tangential gratitude side note:  I'm grateful we have Stella in our lives.)

I'm grateful she's way more photogenic than I am:

I'm grateful that Emma fills our home with beautiful music.  Every day she sits at the piano and sings.  She sings on the stairs and while she's getting ready for work.  Occasionally I walk by her bedroom door and hear either guitar music or ukulele music.

I will miss that when she's in college. 

I'm grateful for the way she loyally loves her brothers and helps make them better.  She doesn't take any guff from either of them.

She mostly doesn't need to.

They love her.

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