Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Emma and I are going to France next year with other students and the esteemed (especially if you're Emma) Madame Tyler, who is Emma's French teacher.

Madame Tyler is from Paris.  She's incredibly kind and charismatic and she terrifies me.  She has said a few times that since there are two adults going (and then she looks at me), the group can maybe divide up from time to time.

Every time she says that I tell her I. Don't. Know. French.

Even if she leaves me with French speaking students, I don't want to be in charge in a country where I can't communicate.

Emma set me up with an app called Duolingo.  I diligently practice every day.  I have learned enough French that I understand this joke:

There's plenty more I don't understand though.  I'm not sure I'm making much progress.  I was very confused about the many forms of the word eat.  Emma used the nearest writing surface, the back of a receipt, and wrote me a tutorial.  I dig it out every time I practice.

There are times when the app prompts me to repeat some phrase in French, then the phone says, "Hmmm.  That doesn't seem right.  Try again."

I'm going to need Emma to write me some more receipt tutorials.  Still, with all the cheat sheets from Emma in the world, don't leave me alone in France!


Anonymous said...

"Eat" is a good one to know. We don't want you starving over there!

Jennifer said...

How exciting!


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