Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life with Adam

Adam frowns on it (he thinks it's rude) but the kids and I usually play Walmart Bingo if by some unlucky circumstance we have to go to Walmart.

Everyone picks something you may encounter at Walmart (I usually pick a child screaming uncontrollably).  There are all sorts of options:  people in pajamas, people wearing slippers, an inordinate amount of tattoos....  You get points for each person we see who meets your criteria.

Adam and I were at Walmart Saturday.  A few check stands away from us, a little girl, who had been wailing, finally succumbed to the tantrum and was lying on the floor, kicking and screaming and flailing her arms.  An older girl, who appeared to be her sister, stood there and gave her a kick every once in awhile.  A woman, who I assume was the mother, was studiously ignoring the whole thing.  Another woman, an older woman ( the grandma?), was wearing clothes that weren't quite age appropriate (maybe she'd borrowed them from the tween?) and had on the most horrific looking strawberry blonde curly wig you've ever seen.  She had a cell phone and was videoing the little girl's histrionics.

When we walked away, Adam said, "That was amazing.  That just cleared the board for Walmart Bingo."

And I think he's right.


I use one of these to clean Adam's shower:

It's in the bathroom we share but I'm strictly a bath person so it is therefore Adam's shower.  Our old house had a detachable shower head which I liked.  It made cleaning easier.  This shower has one of those rain shower heads.  Adam likes it and won't install a handheld shower head, despite my complaining.

Instead, he brought a water gun upstairs from the garage.  It lives in the corner of the shower and I'm probably the only person in America that uses one to clean.

It works remarkably well.


If you were to ask our children the most annoying thing about us, they would have a long list, but I think what annoys them the most is our indecision when it comes to selecting a restaurant.  We go back and forth, telling the other one we don't care, they can decide.  (Then Mark makes a choice and we both tell him no and he says, "But I thought you didn't care!)

(We're a lot of fun.)

Adam and I go to lunch every Monday and it's a major decision.  Adam was looking up restaurants on his phone and came across this picture for Rancheritos. 

Adam likes it there but I think it smells weird.  I didn't know storm troopers serve the food.  That changes things.

We may drive our kids crazy, but I like us.  You just never know what delights await when you're alongside Adam.

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