Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Emma left for school muttering under her breath.  She was not happy with the election results.  I tried to soothe her with talks of checks and balances and she said she wants to move to Canada.

I told her about yesterday's meme about the border being closed and she almost smiled, but she has all the righteous indignation of a teenage girl.

A racist, sexist man was elected so I can sort of understand her angst.

Emma, I'm sure, feels like she has very little in common with the people who support Trump (the uneducated white men everyone keeps talking about).  On this morning when I'm shaking my head and wondering what happened (I would be shaking my head and wondering what happened if Hillary Clinton had won also), I have to take comfort in the fact that more unites us than divides us.

I hope so.

I hope the checks and balances and Constitution and political advisors (tell me there are some good political advisors!) will protect us from crazy.  Beyond that though, I have a bigger hope that I will continue to cling to.

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Enoch said...

It's alarming that so many people would have been fine with Hillary getting elected and are so disappointed that such a dishonest person didn't win. I supported Trump. I did from the beginning starting from his first debate that I watched while on the beach in Oregon. I guess I fall in that category you or Emma or "everyone" is referring to, the uneducated white man. I'm grateful that so many throughout the country recognized the system not working. Trump was able to break the system. Most didn't think he had a chance to do it. I think the rural voice and small business owners finally united and came out to vote against what hasn't been working for the people that feed the country, deliver the goods and produce. I liked his speech last night. I think he can unite the country. I think he will do a good job surrounding himself with qualified people that will get things back on track in our country. I think he can solve a lot of the issues that have plagued our country economically. And the good news is, if he doesn't, or isn't capable of creating that change, he will be replaced in 4 years.
I think it's comical when people indicate they're going to move to Canada or anywhere else because of this. Fine. Go. That mind set is a big part of the problem. If things don't go my way I'm going to take my ball and go home rather than trying to be part of a solution to make things better. We need to have a growth mindset, not a closed mindset. But I'm just an "uneducated white man," so what do I know?


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