Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Something to get my mind off the election

Raise your hand if you're scared.

What is going to happen?!?  Will bad happen or will worse happen?

And then I saw this:

So there goes that option....

Instead of dwelling on election horrors, here's something for you:  the tenacity of tomatoes.

I grew a pot of tomatoes on our deck this summer.  They thrived and were delicious.  About the time I moved the geraniums inside and put the potted zinnias out of their misery (the zinnias preferred being planted in the ground to being planted in pots), I stopped watering the tomatoes.  Neglectful, I know, but the tomatoes didn't seem to mind.

Saturday I harvested 10-15 perfectly ripe tomatoes off it's dry and withered stems.  Now it looks like this and who knows, there may be even more tomatoes to harvest.

Also, on Saturday, we were doing some weeding.  (Yardwork in Washington had a much shorter season.  Mostly it was just mushy and rainy and you didn't have to do as much outside.  Also our yard in WA was teeny tiny.  Here, it seems like every time we turn around there's something in the yard needing our attention.  And soon enough there will be snow for Mark to shovel.)

I was weeding in the bed in the middle of the lawn (which sounds soft and comfy like a bed but is really filled with spiky plants because of the deer).  I noticed this:

My best guess is that a squirrel stole a tomato and "planted" it in the rock wall where the squirrels live.

Who am I to interfere with the agricultural urges of a squirrel?

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