Thursday, November 17, 2016


It's not a secret to anyone that I spent the first part of my time as Young Women president scared to death.  I also didn't really want to be Young Women president.  It was a lot of work and the girls were surly so it didn't feel like it was worth the work.

Things have changed.  Last night the laurels came to my house.  One girl came to the first activity I think she's been to in over a year.  I've been doggedly reaching out to her in what felt like ineffective ways, but she came!  (She left early.)

We decorated cookies.  The girls sat around the table and created masterpieces and disasters with frosting.  They laughed a lot.  It seemed like everyone felt a part of things, even the new girl that moved in less than a month ago.

Rose is one of my girls and she's in a wheelchair (hopefully today she'll be able to graduate to a walker).  She had surgery on both legs and she is an inspiration to me of tenacity and optimism.  Her mom brought her early and Mark and Adam got her up the front steps.  They were gone to scouts when we were finished decorating and then we were going to deliver the cookies in our neighborhood.  We debated the best way to get Rose down the steps.  She was game to scoot down on her bottom but by then it was cold and the steps aren't that clean.  (I should sweep them.)

I was in charge of certification at Girls' Camp and inspiration struck.  Liz (another leader) and I did a two person arm carry.  Guess what?  It works!

That's why you go to camp, kids.

We got her in the van and Emma said maybe Liz and I could be an infamous duo.  Instead of Thelma and Louise, we would be Thelma and Liz.

I was just proud of us for carrying Rose.  (She's tiny so it wasn't that hard, but still.)

We had over ten plates of cookies.  We delivered cookies to a house in our neighborhood then asked for a referral of where to deliver the next plate.  It was fun and we made some people happy and made some people super confused.  One lady said, "But I don't know any of you."  She lives in one of the probably 4 houses in our ward boundaries that doesn't have a member of our church living there.  Everyone else looked at the group and knew it was a YW activity.

Running across the grass to the car, Heather wailed about her cold feet.  She was wearing sandals.

There were more changes afoot than just me having a genuine good time at a YW activity.  It was 73 degrees on Tuesday.  A record. 

Last night, it snowed.

I think that's the end of sandal weather.

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