Thursday, August 3, 2017

My morning routine

Every morning I go down to the basement to get on the elliptical runner.  I dig through the blankets to find the remote.  I consider that we have the worst AC in the world.  Our top floor is hot and you need blankets in the basement.

I find the remote and switch on HGTV.

Lately I've discovered Gilmore Girls is playing on the adjacent channel to HGTV.  I switch channels when there's a commercial and it's multi tasking at its finest.

(And look at me, knowing how to find two channels.)

After I'm done exercising, I gather up the dishes our lovely children left the day before.  Yesterday a bowl was literally stuck to the coffee table with some sort of sticky substance.

I walk up the stairs, rethinking my whole life and feeling like I failed in mothering but it's probably too late but they'll move out soon and they can stick their own grubby bowls to their own sticky tables and it won't be my problem any more.

It's a heart warming morning routine.

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