Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Emma went to Disneyland

I could talk about the boring and repetitive topics of how I feel busy/stressed/blahblahblah.  There has been a lot of that lately.  But lucky for you, I'll skip that.  Adam and the occasional phone call pep talk from my parents are bearing the brunt of that tirade on your behalf.

I could talk about Elephant's Graveyard which is the play our kids are in that opened last night.  I will at some point.  Because wow.

Emma went to Disneyland though. I want to internet the pictures because it's where I store stuff.  (Yes, I just used internet as a verb.)

She said she went on Small World just for me because she knows I love it.  She texted me this picture and it cracks me up.  There's Emma looking dutifully excited and Vanessa looking awestruck and Rose looking like she wants me to drop dead.

I could be wrong, but I think Rose loved Small World.

She lives in our neighborhood.  She's one of my Young Women and in the future, if I ever want to torture her, I know just which song to sing. (You never know when that kind of knowledge will come in handy.)

I know everyone in this picture except for the two people in the back.  I asked Emma who they were.  She said they were just two random strangers.  She said, "We asked them to pose like that."

I'm pretty sure if some high school students asked me to pose on Splash Mountain, I would say, "Sorry, I'm not going on Splash Mountain.  I'm heading over to Small World."

This picture is my favorite:

Happy, pretty girls.  I love them and I love that they went to Disneyland.  I would say I would have loved to go with them, but I need more sleep than that.

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