Wednesday, April 29, 2015

To do list

1- Have school with Mark. 

The last official day is one month from today.  I can't help feeling a little excited about the end of school because it means summer with different paced days and dinners on the deck.  It makes me feel a little melancholy too, because this is it.  Also, slightly panicky.  We're a little behind on school...

2-Pick up Braeden's graduation announcements.

I keep lying to myself and telling myself that Braeden graduating is no big deal.  His graduation is one month from yesterday.  I didn't want to send out announcements and I also don't want to go to his graduation and I definitely don't want to see him in a cap and gown.  Picking up the announcements is going to put a major kink in my plans for all out denial.

3-Take Braeden to get a tuxedo for prom.

I have no idea how to do this.  I don't know where to take him or if we are even too late to get a tuxedo when prom is a few weeks away.  Fortunately, we have a back up plan.

4- Try to undo the mess I created. 

We planned a trip and I carefully looked at the school schedules to plan around conflicts.  Then yesterday I realized I missed one.  A pretty big one.  A state choir competition.  I have no idea how this will play out.  (And I don't have a baby blue suit for a back up plan.)

5- Figure out which Women's Conference classes I want to go to.

It starts tomorrow!  I am completely excited.  I started starring classes that interested me and then I realized that I can't go to four classes in one hour.  I am looking forward to some delicious planning time today.

6- Water the plants.

It's nice to have at least one thing on the list that isn't laden with emotions.

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