Thursday, April 23, 2015

The shape of this week

It's all about Elephant Graveyard.  It's our very essence this week.   There's Emma, third from the right.  I've seen her cast twice now.  Braeden is again tonight.  It's interesting to compare and contrast how the parts are played.  There are different skill levels, but there are also different interpretations.

I like it.

Here's a dramatic shot Adam took at the very end last night.

It's the ringmaster.  To me it is one of the more interesting characters.  Both boys play it really well but with vastly different styles. 

The way they do plays here, every night for a week, is sort of exhausting.  Especially for a home body like me.  One great bonus is seeing my family because they come to watch.  There is nothing like seeing the love my siblings and parents have for my kids.  Olivia threw her arms around Braeden like he was her own long lost son and seeing that feels like it heals something inside of me.  It's just that warm and fuzzy.

Yesterday afternoon, I was out on an errand and my parents stopped by.  Braeden texted me this picture to tell me they were here:

It's the two Marks sitting nearly identically on the deck.  

We sat on the deck awhile and then in the living room for awhile after the sun got to be too much. 

I, for one, think my parents should stop by every afternoon.

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